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Peabody Energy (NYSE: BTU) Announces "Coal Cares™" Initiative, New Nationwide Campaign Against Stigma of Childhood Asthma

ST. LOUIS, May 2, 2011 / PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Peabody Energy today announced the creation of an innovative new public health initiative designed to combat the stigma of asthma among American children ages 0-18. With Coal Cares™ (www.coalcares.org), Peabody will offer free, custom-branded "Puff-Puff" inhaler actuators to children living within 200 miles of a coal plant, along with coupons worth $10 towards the purchase of the asthma medication itself.

"Our actions are guided by a singular mission: to be a leading worldwide producer and supplier of balanced energy solutions, which power economic prosperity and well-being," said Gregory H. Boyce, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Peabody Energy. "Coal Cares™ brings this mission to life, empowering children everywhere to take control of their destinies, beginning with their own lungs."

Coal Cares™ launches today in commemoration of Asthma Awareness Month, the Environmental Protection Agency’s effort to call attention to rising asthma rates, especially among children. The initiative marks the first time the energy industry has officially participated in this important national conversation.

Peabody's new line of Puff-Puff™ inhalers are the first novelty-themed inhaler actuators on the market, and are part of a broader effort to help de-stigmatize childhood asthma. "Too many young Americans face daily schoolyard taunting and bullying because of a condition over which they have no control," said Boyce. "By re-branding the inhaler as a cool, individualized, must-have accessory, Coal Cares™ will empower children to tell bullies: ‘suck it up.’"

At www.coalcares.org, children can choose from a variety of youth-themed inhaler cases, from tween faves like "the Bieber" and "My Little Pony," to the "Emo" and "Diamond" inhaler for older, style-conscious youth. There’s even "My First Inhaler," for tots.

Coal Cares™ is the first, and most ambitious, market-friendly public health initiative of this scope of any privately-owned American company, and testifies to the energy industry’s commitment to the well-being of all citizens, including the youngest. It is also emblematic with the return to self-reliance that healthy entrepreneurship demands.

"Demanding the implementation of costly ‘scrubbing’ technology for coal power plants is an untested and heavy-handed intrusion—and a drag on our still-vulnerable economy," said James Miasmus, Vice President of Government Affairs at Peabody USA. "With Coal Cares™, we're thinking globally but acting locally, giving consumers a way to combat some of the problems associated with modern life without crippling industry in the process. We’re locating preventive action at the point of consumption, where it belongs."

"Coal Cares™ isn’t just the name of a campaign, it’s a philosophy, a way of doing business in harmony with the community we are part of," said Kevin Briesslau, Vice President of Communications at Peabody Coal. "Coal is the fastest-growing fuel in the world and has been for the last decade. We're part of America’s heritage, and we’re here to stay."

To learn more about the Coal Cares™ initiative, visit: www.coalcares.org.

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